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Resurrection Resources

Jesus is alive! For 2,000 years people having been placing their faith & trust in Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior of their lives, churches have been proclaiming the good news, and lives have been changed. This hasn't happened because some 1st century Jewish peasant was the world's most brilliant marketer. Jesus was exactly who he claimed to be, and the 2.4 billion Christians across the globe can be confident that this is the truth because Jesus didn't stay dead.

This is no fairy tale. After an in-depth look at the evidence, the most logical conclusion is that Jesus is exactly who he claimed to be: dying for our sins, paying our price, & defeating death thereby offering us new life in him.

We encourage you to take a look at the evidence for yourself. Here's a few resources we recommend:

Why do you believe what you believe?

Christian or not, it's good to dig into the person & work of Jesus. If you have questions, doubts, or simply want to work through some of the evidence together, we're always here to chat.

Connect with us today & we'll be sure to share why we believe what we believe!

*If you've made the decision to follow Jesus we'd love to pray for you. Fill out an online connect card HERE to be lifted up in prayer.


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