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20 groups. 10 years.

We started The Way Church in 2019, and God has recently given us the mission field, the vision, and the heart to reach the residents of the Georgetown Park Apartments; a 20-building complex literally in our own backyard, home to 10% of our city. At the start of 2022 our church got behind the ambitious 20in10 vision: seeing a small group meeting in all 20 buildings in the next 10 years.

The past year has been amazing. We’ve been hosting events, building relationships, and our connection with the people of Georgetown has been growing, sure and steady. And as our relationships continue to develop the potential for the gospel to take root does too. It's a big vision, and we know we can't do it alone. We need more people to partner with us in the gospel movement God is bringing to our city.

we need your help.

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How can you help?

Have questions? Set up a meeting with our Lead Pastor, Scott. He'd love to talk with you!
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